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I am an encourager who has a desire to see you grow and develop as you tap into the power within.  Through coaching and consulting; speaking engagements and media presentations, my products and services are designed to cultivate lives and success strategies.  My desire is to contribute to your journey of self-discovery in a way that will lead to the joy of dreams realized and goals attained.


As a Certified Life Coach, I work with women who are seeking greater fulfillment in their personal, professional and spiritual lives. They are able to experience clarity, identify and remove roadblocks, and thereby attain meaningful goals.


Whether you are in a season of great success or a season of great struggle, whatever age or stage you find yourself, everyone needs to be encouraged.  I believe self-examination will lead you to discover, you have the power to change your world.


From the written words of encouragement to the impactful voice of wisdom with which I am blessed,  I am able to share lessons only life can teach through the power of speaking, coaching, and training.


Everyone possesses unlimited potential if you don’t give up or give in.  Sometimes you just need a little help, a catalyst to cultivate what’s already there.  When non judgmental help is available in a confidential, safe place where trust and transparency are paramount, the possibilities are endless!  

“I want to live my life in service so that whatever I endeavor or undertake

will be to His glory and a blessing to someone else.”

Andrea L. Hines


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Meet Andrea L. Hines   - Mother, Grandmother, Author, Poet, Inspirational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Doctorate of Divinity, Certified Life Coach, and Radio Host.


Andrea is a native of Washington, D.C. who took a bold step, left all that was familiar, and relocated to Raleigh, NC. 

With writing as her passion, she introduced A’s Accents products to provide a medium to produce the heartfelt words people were often unable to express. Her specialty continues to be her original poetry as found in the collection When He Whispers, life changing words of wisdom in Nanny Nuggets, and her latest release When Life Speaks…You Speak Life - Inspiration through Affirmations.  
With decades of performing arts experience, she produced the performance showcase, A Work in Progress and has also written and directed numerous plays.  However, after receiving her honorary Doctorate of Divinity, Andrea took another bold step on her life’s journey.
Her desire to assist people with their growth and development to become all they were designed to be took her in a direction she had never considered. She saw too many people frustrated rather than fulfilled, too many talents untapped, too many dreams not realized and too many goals not attained.  She knew she had a voice to help see lives changed, but didn’t know exactly how, Her desire led her to the expert training of Tracy Mac Coaching Services where she became a Certified Life Coach. Her company, C.L.A.S.S. Coaching and Consulting is cultivating lives and success strategies by offering one-on-one coaching, and delivering the workshop “UPLOAD: It’s all about the “selfies,” designed to identify, clarify and remove roadblocks that often lead to self-sabotage.  

As Andrea uses her innate ability to listen intently to what only the heart can speak, her poise, humor and gift to inspire have made her a favorite speaker in areas from commencement exercises to conferences.

She serves faithfully as an Elder at the River Church in Durham, NC. Even there she has utilized her skills as a playwright/director to develop a Sunday morning sitcom, Pathway to Purpose.

She wants everyone she encounters to live with the understanding and application that, YOU have the power to change YOUr world!

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