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When I decided to receive my certification as a Life Coach, I knew I wanted to help to cultivate lives and success strategies with those who were seeking greater fulfillment.  Most of us reach a point where we feel we're destined for greater, that place where we say, "There must be something more." We are not void of gifts, ideas, talents, creativity, or even resources, but many times we simply get in our own way. 

It is my belief that when you tap into the power within and experience the clarity needed to identify and remove the roadblocks , it is possible to attain the meaningful goals you've been trying to reach.

It may take some self-examination and self-discovery to see beyond your gifts and good intentions, and find what might prohibit you from taking the next step; slow you down; or worse yet, keep you in a "stuck" place where you never even begin.  Are you up for the challenge?


If so, I welcome you to C.L.A.S.S. where we can explore the possibilities together because YOU have the power to change YOUR world through:

  • Safe environment to allow for transparency

  • One-on-one support unique to you

  • Judgment free

  • Confidential

"Enjoyed the privacy and confidentiality Coach Hines provided.  Allowed me to get some things off my chest and resolve them through the self –discovery process."


Workshops/Speaking Topics

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UPLOAD:  It’s all about the Selfies

What if you could clearly identify the burdens that weigh down your mind and your spirit? With intensity you can redirect, redefine, or remove those burdens to bring into existence those things you’ve been reaching for. Would you do it? If your answer is a resounding 'YES' then it’s time to UPLOAD!  From the pitiful to the powerful, this is a time of self-discovery to avoid falling in to the traps of self-sabotage. This talk/workshop is self-examination that will strengthen your self-development in an exciting new way.


THE EXCHANGE: Up Close and Personal

Sometimes you just want to let your hair down in a safe, confidential, intimate setting and just have the kind of conversations only  ‘girlfriends’ get to have. The Exchange is crafted for just that experience and you get to be the host! Invite a small number of friends (between 8 and 12) to enjoy an exchange, up close and personal, with Andrea L. Hines.  When she is in the room there is humor, an atmosphere of calm, and a wealth of wisdom to be exchanged. Book her now!

"Excellent training and highly relevant to life experiences. Not only identified life challenges, how they impact our lives, but provided tools to apply as solutions. Blessed and ready to execute."

Victoria W.,

Upload Workshop Attendee

Questions? Email Andrea L. Hines today!

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